How Prenatal Yoga Benefits You

If you are an expectant mother, you might be worried about the after-effects of a C- Section which is why most mothers prefer a normal delivery. However, the journey of pregnancy is a big challenge as it is. Prenatal yoga is a good practice to tackle the constant nauseousness, body pain, and labor pain. It comes with a variety of benefits such as :

Better Sleep : In the practice of prenatal Iyengar yoga, exercises are shown that calm pelvic muscles that cause pain during pregnancy. The result is reduced stress, a calm mind and body, and no more sleepless nights.

Enhanced Flexibility : You will experience gradual flexibility just after the first few sessions of prenatal yoga. This helps in easing any pain or muscular tension and also increases stamina and strength.

Balance : Prenatal Iyengar yoga helps you find balance both physically and emotionally.

Most importantly, it gives you time to connect with your body and your baby.

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