People around the globe have never been in so much need of help as now. It has been over two years now, but mankind is still struggling with the coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and the world economy continues to reel under severe impact. There has been unprecedented misery and surge after surge of new variants posing newer crisis. While developed nations are trying to accelerate their economic growth, developing economies like India, with its population density and insufficient resources and infrastructure, are striving hard to battle this invisible enemy. Citizens and Leaders have displayed extraordinary courage and resilience at these difficult times that have reassured hope & spirit of better living.

Since March 2020, i.e. when the pandemic set in, there was a prevalence of anxiety and depression, which increased with every passing day. People are confined to their homes. Some lost jobs. There was widespread unemployment as companies shut down units to cut down on their operational costs. As a result, not just the country’s economy, but the crisis heightened the risk factors of every individual leading to a significant and unprecedented worsening of the mental health of the population.


It was thus crucial to help people develop strong immunity and sound mental health to curb the spread of the pandemic. And here, India’s age-old therapy – Yoga came to the rescue.


Yoga plays a major role in bringing harmony between mind and body. Yoga, Is an Art & Discipline, based on the subtle science of healthy living.


Humanity has exhibited an unmatched resolve against the virus, during the pandemic. It is the undying spirit of hope and survival that has kept people connected as one family at all times. There will be setbacks, as the virus keeps making a comeback with new mutations. So, we should be mindful and not let our guard down. With a large number of people still struggling for their livelihood, there has been a rise in cases of depression and alcoholism. It is important to instil a sense of confidence that will help people regain their mental health thus working towards their physical well-being. Padmasree awardee, Father JoePariera is conducting a 2-day workshop with us, aimed at helping people cope with the aftermath of COVID-19, and help restore the health of kidneys, liver, pancreas, pranayama & dhyana for the health of the heart and the memory, and most importantly to prevent dementia and its related problems.

       Workshop:  My Body My Temple

      Dates: March 9 and March 10

      Timing: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

    India : INR 800
    International: USD 30

            Takeaways of the Workshop

    • To cope with the aftermath of covid
    • To restore the health of the kidney, liver and pancreas
    • To optimise heart and memory
    • To prevent dementia and related problems